Mesotherapy or deep revitalization of the skin

4 sessions
15 days
120 € per session

Principles of Treatment

  • Bio-Revitalizing mesotherapy puts active products into the skin. These products include hyaluronic acid and essential nutritional ingredients (vitamins, hyaluronic acids, co-enzymes, anti-oxidants, nucleic and mineral bases). Once done, it increases skin density.

Treatment Procedure

  • In the doctor’s surgery, 20 to 60 minutes, by micro injections, 4 sessions 15 days apart. An upkeep session is needed 1 to 4 times annually.
  • The session is easily tolerated, helped by application of anesthetic cream.

Reduced social activity

  • Redness for one hour, soothed by a healing cream.


  • Anti-cellulite mesotherapy, lipolytic and slimming (extracts of artichoke, caffeine and L-carnitine): acts on all types of cellulite, orange-peel skin and even excess weight
  • Anti-bruising mesotherapy (clover extract): acts on lymphatic retention.
  • Slimming mesotherapy (caffeine extract) : acts on superficial fat.

    This method is often combined with other treatments such as skin re-tensioning NIR, micro needling or peel, and stimulates the fatty skin layer to give firmer, plumper and rehydrated skin.

skin regeneration.