1 session
60 mn
from 500 € per session

Principles of Treatment

  • Macrolane® is a high-density hyaluronic acid that gives volume to the silhouette.

Treatment Procedure

  • In surgery, 30 to 60 minutes
  • Preparation of the area to be treated by local anesthetic
  • Injection by cannula
  • One session, to be repeated annually
  • The session is well-tolerated (from the point of view of discomfort).


  • Buttocks
  • The shaping is very precise, and creates shapely, projecting and rounded buttocks
  • The result is balanced and natural
  • Social life : Avoid all pressure on the buttocks for 48 hours.

Result before/after Macrolane®

  • The genitalia

Macrolane® replaces the volume of the outer lips that has been lost over time. It is a simple method of rejuvenating the female sexual organs.

  • Macrolane® corrects depressions in the silhouette.