Tightening of abdominal skin – Abdominoplasty

7 days
4 000 to 7 000 €


  • Rounded stomach, skin distended by one or more pregnancies, stretch marks, cases where diet and sport activity no longer help improve the aesthetics of the abdominal area.

Principles of treatment

  • Abdominoplasty consists of removing some of the skin of the stomach, sucking out excess fat and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Treatment procedure

  • The lifting, or tightening, of the skin leads to a flatter stomach; the scar, which may be long but is thin, is hidden beneath underwear
  • General or epidural anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: 1 to 2 days.


Removal of excess skin


Strengthening of abdominal muscles

 Reduced social activity

  • 7 to 14 days.


  • Flatter, smoother stomach
  • Disappearance of some stretch marks.