Filler Products – Medical Rhinoplasty

1 session per year
1 day
510 to 600 €

Principles of treatment

  • Some corrections to the nose can be achieved using filler products
  • ‘Medical’ rhinoplasty consists of re-establishing the balance of the nose by simple injections of fillers.

    By definition, this can only treat some depressions, but filling depressions helps reduce the appearance of an adjacent bump.

Treatment procedure

  • The products proposed are either hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight (Restylane®) or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®)
  • A session under local anesthetic lasts 30 minutes
  • Uses micro-cannulae and needles.

 Reduction in social activity

  • None.


  • Shaping of the tip
  • Reduction of the bridge protrusion
  • Repair of nasal passages (nostrils)
  • Treatment of certain respiratory troubles.