Women are not the only ones to be concerned with their appearance. Men are becoming more and more sensitive to theirs, too.

Men’s image of their body has changed radically in the early part of the 21st century. Men are more aware that their well-being also depends on paying daily attention to their body (personal hygiene) and on improving their image. The progress that has been made in medicine and cosmetic surgery means they can now offer a variety of methods adapted to men’s aspirations.

The techniques are identical, though their applications are specific.

Chirurgie esthétique

The face


botulinum toxin is most often applied to the frown lines, and hyaluronic acid is of greatest use in treating the nasolabial fold (smile lines) and bags under the eyes. Sagging of skin tissue can be improved by tensioning threads. Redness and colored spots on the skin are treated by IPL.

Surgery of the eyelids

The skin is thicker, the bags heavier and the eyebrows more sagging.

The cervico-facial lift

The skin is thicker and less elastic. Work on the skin is performed differently, taking this peculiarity into account. An approach from beneath the chin is most often suggested.

The silhouette

Rolls of fat (spare tyres)

These readily form around the trunk (abdomen and hips). The preferred solution is Coolsculpting or, more rarely, liposuction.


The demand by men for epilation is recent and usually restricted to the back and torso.


Baldness is androgenic. Since hair is dense on the crown of the head its density on the bald parts can be increased over several sessions of capillary transplantation by stem cells.

The nose

The skin is thick, and aesthetic effects vary considerably. Rhinoplasty in men is for the most part rather conservative.