Hands & Cleavage

Our hands are flowers in the garden of our skin, We should learn to love and take care of them.


Hands age more rapidly than the face. This is due to continuous aggressions from the outside: water, UVs, cold temperatures, and also because of their physiological make-up. Without protective layers of fat or deep dermis, they are simply skin on bone! With age, the skin gets thinner, wrinkled and spotted, and unsightly veins appear.

Chirurgie esthétique

The objective is to add volume to the skin, and to stimulate it by :

We offer a variety of treatments to fit your personal situation.


The lower neckline, or cleavage, is renowned as a difficult area to treat. Despite that reputation, cosmetic surgery offers a number of solutions.

It is an area made doubly sensitive because of the thinness of the skin and the bony structure. Treatment of the cleavage is generally performed in association with that for the neck. Thus, as for the neck itself, a combination of techniques is proposed as the winning solution.

Smoothing the cleavage area by combining :

The association of these techniques on the cleavage can be performed, as it is on the face and the neck, during the same session as IPL or peel treatments.


  • Hydrate in depth
  • Reduce lines
  • Smooth the skin and restore its brightness.

An anti-age peel allows colour to be harmonised by blending out minor imperfections and preparing the skin so that it becomes more receptive. IPL will be more appropriate for acting on redness of the skin and, according to its condition, an injection of hyaluronic acid might be added by mesotherapy, or a treatment of micro-needling or Skinboosters.

On younger skins, not yet so affected by ageing due to light, mesotherapy offers good hydration of the cleavage. Micro-needling is also indicated for the very thin skin of the neck and cleavage areas.
For skin that is more marked, in particular by wrinkles and lines that require deeper filling and addition of greater body, Skinboosters represent the best solution.
In all cases, daily application of functional cosmetics leads to noticeable improvement in the quality of the skin. Used preventively, they slow down the signs of ageing such as coloured patches, redness, wrinkles and lines. And of course, never forget to use sunscreen protection, essential to these prevention measures.