Tensioning threads or Smart Threads®

1 session in 2 years
1 to 2 days
1 000 to 4 000 €

A simple medical act, which allows repositioning of sagging skin and fat. It uses tensioning or notched threads. The technique I use is called SMART®. It is a patented technique to tighten sagging tissue.


  • Sagging above cheekbone and in cheek, facial oval, neck and eyebrow areas
  • Loss of definition in the contours of the face
  • A prominent nasolabial fold line.

Principles of treatment

  • Suspension using tensioning threads under local anesthetic
  • The pull exerted on the skin and the fat repositions the sagging areas.

Treatment procedure

  • Inserted under the skin by use of needles
  • In surgery: 30 minutes

Reduced social activity

  • 1 to 3 days.


  • Higher-set cheeks
  • Better defined facial oval
  • Repositioned eyebrows
  • Reduced nasolabial fold
  • Lasting effect: 2 years
Après la technique SMART® des pommettes

The SMART® technique on the upper cheeks