3 to 4 sessions
15 days
150 to 450 €

Regeneration of the skin through a multitude of micro-punctures.

Principles of treatment

  • The micro needles of an electric probe perforate the skin to produce a controlled level of incision (the Fraxel® principle) and, in turn, the creation of a new layer of collagen. When combined with mesotherapy with multi-vitamin complex or platelet-rich plasma, the process leads to two actions: tissue regeneration and compensation with a nutritious complex.

Treatment procedure

  • 30 minutes, in association with mesotherapy or platelet activating factors (PAF)
  • In certain indicated cases, a peel using trichloroacetic acid enhances the treatment
  • The session is easily tolerated, helped by application of anesthetic cream.

Reduced social activity

  • Redness for 1 hour. Improved by use of a healing cream.


  • Radiance, skin is firmer, filled out
  • Reduces lines in difficult areas such as lower eyelids, neck and arms
  • Smoothes out acne scars and poor quality incision scars.