Lipostructure (Lipomodelling)

1 session
7 days
2 000 to 5 000 €

35 years separate these two pictures


  • Loss of volume in the face.

Principles of treatment

  • Restores and shapes all areas of the face without incisions (hence without scars)
  • Grafts of own fatty cells allow stability in results. Micro-lipostructure uses even finer transplants for treating deep wrinkles
  • Stem cells present in the fatty tissue have a regenerative effect: they stimulate skin cells to give them increased density.

Treatment procedure

  • Fat samples are taken from the body using cannulae whose size depends on that of the grafts to transplant (1 to 2 mm).
  • The grafts are injected after being treated by centrifuging, filtration or concentration in stem cells
  • Hospitalization: one day
  • Anesthesia: local, although conscious sedation is sometimes preferred.

 Reduced social activity

  • 2 to 8 days.


  • Correction of irregularities on the forehead
  • Softens a projecting brow line
  • Remodels sunken eyelids, bags, upper cheeks, lips, cheeks, chin and oval
  • Gives back volume to sunken hands
  • Gives an improved shape to the face: the result is between what the patient is now, and what he or she was. Improves skin texture
  • Long-lasting and stable result
  • A second session is necessary in 10% of cases
  • The fatty tissue contains numerous cells, such as stem cells and mastocytes (= mast cells) which produce bio-active compounds
  • This is the domain of cellular therapy
  • Lipofilling (lipostructure) and micro-lipostructure are both techniques that use this property
  • The stromal vascular fraction (SVF), a concentration of active cellular and molecular elements, can be used in cosmetic medicine for stimulation and regeneration of the skin.