Filling Products (Fillers)

1 session
12 month
From 510 €

They give harmony and balance to the face by removing wrinkles, by restoring  fullness where it is lacking or lost through the passage of time, and by optimization of facial expression.

Over time, the face no longer reflects the light that it did at 20 years of age. The sagging and sinking of the face become the canvas onto which the surgeon applies his products to give renewed form to the facial features.

The facial dynamic is also a fundamental element to the treatment of  the face. Its changes with time, the clinical examination and the respect for its movement all contribute to the quality of the result and the emotions that it will show.

  • How is a natural result obtained ? By avoiding over-correction; respecting the facial dynamic; understanding how the patient’s face is aging
  • How is an injectable product chosen ? It must have the potential of being absorbed and have had clinical safety and quality studies performed on it.

Principles of treatment

  • Filling of wrinkles
  • Restructuring volume (fullness)
  • Respect for the facial dynamic
  • Products: Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. These two families of products give different effects: hyaluronic acid builds volume, and  calcium hydroxyapatite creates fibrous collagen tissue.

Treatment procedure

  • 15 to 60 minutes
  • Session under local anesthetic if needed
  • The injection is done using a fine needle or micro-cannula
  • In some cases, the injection is done under hypnosis or laughing gas (Kalinox®)
  • Duration of result : Hyaluronic acid (6-12 months) and calcium hydroxyapatite (9-15 months).

 Treated areas

  • Wrinkles and facial volumes, lips, dark circles, hands

 Reduced social activity

  • No or little effect on social life.


  • Improves superficial and deep wrinkles

Filling the nasolabial fold

  • Sharpens the lip curve

Outline of the lips

  • Balances upper cheeks (near cheekbones) and chin

Rebuilding the upper cheeks

  • Treats the lower eye area (bags under the eyes)

Treating the look of the eyes: toxin – hyaluronic acid in the lower eyelid

  • Sharpens the facial oval

Oval – low cheekbones

  • Fills out the temples


  • Balances the nose