Bio-revitalizing Mesotherapy

3 à 4 sessions
15 days
150 to 450 €

Revitalizes the skin using a vitamin complex that is high in hyaluronic acid

Principles of treatment

  • The deep layers of the skin become depleted in vital elements (hyaluronic acid, collagen, unsaturated fatty acids etc.), with damaging consequences for the upper layers. For sure, appropriate cosmetics maintain the skin and correct some of the marks of time, but sometimes that is insufficient to revitalize the skin
  • Bio-revitalizing mesotherapy works by perfusion into the skin of active elements such as hyaluronic acid and also essential nutritive ingredients (vitamins, co-enzymes, anti-oxidants, nucleic and mineral bases).

Treatment procedure

  • 20 to 60 minutes, by deep or shallow micro injections
  • 3 to 4 sessions, 15 days apart. An upkeep session is needed 1 to 4 times annually
  • The session is easily tolerated, helped by application of anesthetic cream.

Reduced social activity

  • Redness for 1 hour. Improved by use of a healing cream.


  • Increase in firmness and density, hydration and radiance
  • Improvement in crow’s feet lines and the outline of the lips; acne scars
  • The results are cumulative.

Result after 3 sessions