Consultation in medicine and plastic surgery & beauty

Why is the consultation irreplaceable ?


The patient consults to express a desire, an expected appearance. It is therefore at odds with his appearance, he challenges his reflection.

This situation can generate psychological state of tension because the patient denies a physical defect more or less objective. This defect is not always respected with the same acuity by the entourage, so the appearance is not objective. We have a subjective perception versus reality, evidenced by our disagreement with a photo that does not put us at our best.

These psychological pressures influence self-esteem sometimes deep self-esteem.

It is in this area that cosmetic surgery is therapeutic. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the person, but again she rebuilt her identity.

The doctor is a man of art, possessing scientific and technical skills that allow him to master diagnosis. It is on active and listening skills.

Consultation is a moment of exchange conducive to the relationship between doctor and patient. It uses the expertise and physician’s experience to guide the choice acuity with the most appropriate for the patient. This choice can only be built if a trust relationship exists between a doctor and patient.

To do so, it is essential that the patient can express their expectations, wishes, but also his fears, fears, anxieties, complexes and their genesis. In summary, the doctor must know the history of his patient.

In the book « Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique – Une chirurgie nommée DESIRS», written with Jean-François Mattei, we have established a consultation method developed by the acronym DESIRES.

  • D for the perceived Defect in question.
  • E for Emotion : The emotion generated by the defect.
  • S for clinical Situation : The doctor uses his expertise to assess it.
  • I for Imaginary : Because there is always an imaginary element in our desires and expectations.
  • R for Reflection : The time needed for the patient to reflect on the possibilities offered, then make a decision.
  • S for Solution, which opens the door to Satisfaction.