Our charter of quality

My team and I, we are committed to this quality charter :

1. We recognize the difficulty that can generate a phone call which in essence is distant from the meeting. That is why our workers undertake to book the best telephone service. It will be nice and caring. Our assistants are available, comprehensive and good advice.

2. What will happen reception in the office ? Our assistants very ones who have listened to the phone you develop the same empathy in a pleasant and serene. Although this is not always possible, we strive to limit waiting for your consultation. A medical file will be offered to fill with the presentation of care.

3. Another difficult situation, the medical consultation ! Will I be listened to, understood? The doctor patient communication is an exercise that we have developed with the experience and writing. So, we support colleagues in optimizing the relationship with their patient at seminars.

Patient listening is essential in medicine, especially in aesthetic medicine because it is not mandatory. Thus, we are committed to listen to you, understand you and support you in your application. We will remain as neutral as possible in order to help you choose the most suitable treatment. We will study together the benefit risk for it to be positive and of course the expected result meets your desires, your expectations and your personality. We will avoid committing to a process that is not realistic.

4. We are committed to offer you as many consultations as necessary for the proper understanding of your commitment to the medical or surgical procedure. The consultation preceding the act is from our point of view indispensable.

5. Your care will be carried out in a calm and professional atmosphere. The experience, knowledge, technology are the pillars of quality and security is achieved in which the medical act. Health care facilities are licensed. The management of pain is our primary concern. Several methods are available as hand massage during injection, laughing gas …

6. The entire medical staff is committed to surround the patient with kindness in post treatment suites.

7. For acts of aesthetic medicine scrutiny is proposed after care. It can measure and optimize the result.

8. For surgery, post-operative care is organized at least twice a week along with lymphatic drainage. Our patients are not patronized and we are transparent on the process of care. The positive participation of our patients is an asset to rapid healing.

9. At the end of the evolutionary process, the result will be evaluated by the doctor and yourself with the comparison of source images. We are committed to hearing your comments and improve to the best of our abilities the quality of the result.