The Multi-Plan Technique

Article « TEAM »
7 days
6 000 to 7 500 €

The multi-plan technique really comes into play in cases where the bust is sagging  or when there is some hesitation about doing a breast  facelift.  It combines implanting prostheses with a  lifting of the mammary gland.

  • Vertical suspension of the mammary gland is associated with fitting an anatomical implant. (Article « TEAM »)
  • The mammary gland is affixed to the top of the pectoral muscle.


  • Correction of moderate mammary ptosis together with bust enlargement by prosthesis.

Pain and Aftercare

  • Identical to those for mammary prostheses
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is recommended.


  • The bust is more generous in size and has a more natural appearance. (Case 1)