Enlargement by mammary prosthesis (implant)

7 days
5 000 to 7 000 €

A pair of beautiful, high-set, firm, rounded breasts! Such is the promise of breast enlargement by prosthesis. For rounded or pear-shaped breasts, the surgeon’s entire range of skills is brought to bear in the service of the patient.

This technique is today reaping the benefits of major technological advances.


  • Bust has always been too small
  • Bust size changed as a result of pregnancies or loss of weight
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Drooping /sagging breasts.

Almost invisible incision scars

  • Deep in the armpit

The endoscope with an internal camera is an essential instrument for surgical verification.
Article 1 & Article 2.

  • In the inframammary fold
  • In a semi-circle around the lower part of the areolae
  • Around the areola, in order to raise it.

What are the available choices of prosthesis (implants) ?

  • Gel : Prostheses filled with cohesive silicone gel are always preferred because of their natural look. The gels are purified and cohesive. Latest-generation prostheses are more resistant to rupture

  • The shape : The choice of a prosthesis depends on the shape of the existing breast. Anatomical implants (in a drip shape) are chosen according to the overall size and shape of the bust and the thorax in order to achieve a made-to-measure result.

Which is the best prosthesis ? The ‘best’ is defined for each individual case.

We are committed to selecting the very best implants.

  • The texture : that of the envelope of the prosthesis can be smooth, micro-textured or macro-textured. The choice depends on the shape of the prosthesis and on the positioning of the implant.  This has to do with maintaining the prosthesis in place in its designated position.

Prostheses covered in polyurethane can be used in a number of special indications, such as treatment of coccal infection, bad positioning and change of anatomic implant.

Positioning the prostheses

They are placed under the gland, if it is sufficiently thick and firm, otherwise under the muscle. In the latter case, and to obtain a natural result, the Dual Plane technique is used: the lower part of the implant is positioned under the gland, and the upper half under the pectoral muscle.

Lowering of the inframammary fold is often necessary but is kept within reason.

How do we decide on its volume ?

How can we be certain of making the right choice of volume for the prosthesis—without later regretting it ?

  • It is essential to listen. Beyond listening, the doctor’s role is to help his patient express her personal desire without difficulty or holding back. At this point, emotions often overtake objectivity in the discussion

  • Try out several different volumes of prosthesis during the consultation
  • Visualize a 3D simulation

  • Superposition of the patient’s shape onto a variety of existing before and after photos of a similar silhouette, taking into account the type of implant that has been selected.

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  • The operation is most often conducted under conscious sedation (which means that the patient is sedated but not completely asleep, as would be with a general anesthetic). This allows for rapid and painless recovery
  • The first week must be a time for rest and transition towards gradual resumption of activity
  • No sport activity for 5 weeks except for walking
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is highly recommended
  • Aftercare of prostheses : it is important to organize a professional aftercare program with your surgeon or gynecologist. Sonogram and/or mammogram will be prescribed according to your age and medical history. Each implanted device has an identity card, which ensures its traceability. Prostheses last about 10 years.


Conscious sedation is effective for pain reduction. It is also the preferred method, since drains are rarely needed.


  • To match your expectations
  • They depend upon the initial condition, the choice of prostheses and the technique chosen.
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