Correction of ‘Classical’ Mammary Hypertrophy

7 days
4 000 to 6 000 €

This correction is meant for heavy busts, ones that are too heavy with physiological consequences such as backache, bras cutting into the skin, and the like.

The principle of the technique is to sculpt the breast by removing excess gland and skin. The breast then becomes lighter, higher-set and firmer.

The length of the incisions depends on the breast excess and the age of the patient :

  • Cicatrice aréolaire et verticale, réservée aux hypertrophies de moyenne importance.
  • En T inversé, pour les hypertrophies importantes.

For a fuller cleavage, the technique of operating on a posterior flap of skin is proposed. This technique uses the lower part of the gland as the prosthesis.

In post-op checks sometime after an operation it is not uncommon to see a sort of ‘unrolling’ of the lower part of the breast. This is due to a weakness in the structure of the mammary gland and surrounding skin. When in doubt, a silicone support sling can be added.


  • Reduce the volume and shape the breasts
  • Relieve the spinal column
  • Make sport practice more comfortable.


  • The operation is most often performed under general anesthetic
  • The first week must be a time for rest. Resumption of daily activity is progressive
  • No sport activity for 5 weeks (walking is recommended)
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is highly recommended.


  • Is considered as moderate.


  • The breasts are lighter, set higher and better defined.