Lipostructure – Lipofilling – Lipomodelling

1 or 2 sessions
2 to 5 days
5 000 to 8000 €

Lipomodelling gives a very natural increase in breast size using its own fatty tissue.

  • It is the technique of choice for mammary reconstruction. Increasing breast size without the use of prosthesis consists in taking fat from the body and re-implanting it into the breast by grafting of fatty tissue (the Coleman technique).

Conditions required

  • Have enough body fat to transplant, (minimum required: one liter of fat)
  • Strict annual follow-up mammograms at an approved center


  • Major mammary asymmetry
  • Tuberous breasts (malformation of the breast over a sound base)
  • Mammary reconstruction
  • Refusal of breast enlargement by prosthesis
  • Cleavage enhancement.


The operation is conducted under general anesthetic.

  • The first week must be a time for rest; thereafter you can gradually resume your activity
  • No sport activity for 3 weeks (walking recommended)
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is highly recommended.


  • This technique is painless to the breasts.  All the pain is concentrated in the liposuction area.


  • Moderate increase in size can be achieved while preserving the original shape.