Lifting the breast with mammary implants

2 to 5 days
6 000 to 8 500 €

When there is notable sag of the breast and the nipple points downwards and/or when correction of ptosis proves necessary, then the breast lift becomes the technique of choice.  There is a remodeling of the breast with enlargement by prosthesis.

This operation combines an implantation of mammary prostheses with a reshaping of the breasts.

The incisions needed depend on the extent of ptosis present:

  • Around the areolae: used only in breast enlargement by prosthesis
  • Around the areolae and vertical: used in cases of moderate ptosis
  • In an inverted T shape: when considerable ptosis is present.


  • Increase the volume of the breast and lift the bust
  • Create a balanced and attractive shape.


  • The operation is performed under general anesthetic
  • The first week must be a time for rest; thereafter you can gradually resume your activity
  • No sport activity for 5 weeks (walking is recommended, though)
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is highly recommended.


  • Identical to that for mammary prostheses
  • It responds well to painkilling treatment and disappears in a few days.


  • Complete remodeling of the bust : the breasts are set higher, they are more firm and fuller.