Breast Lift – Mastopexy

5 days
4 000 to 7 000 €

Whether the breasts natural shape is moderate or large, when the nipple is pointing downwards and the volume of the bust is adequate, the breasts appearance can be improved by a breast lift without resorting to an implant.

A breast lift reshapes the mammary cone. It corrects the sagging of the breast, lifts,  and reduces the size of the areola.

The incisions depend on the actual degree of ptosis :

  • Around the areolae : used only in cases of breast enlargement by prosthesis
  • Around the areolae and vertical: used in cases of moderate ptosis
  • In an inverted T shape: when considerable ptosis is present.

For a more generous cleavage, the technique of operating on a posterior flap of skin gives an elegant result. This technique uses the lower part of the gland as the prosthesis.


  • Correction of mammary ptosis.


  • The operation is performed under general anesthetic
  • The first week must be a time for rest; thereafter you can gradually resume your activity
  • No sport activity for 5 weeks (walking recommended)
  • The scars will remain red for 6 months, and then gradually fade (no exposure to the sun is permitted)
  • Wearing a non-wired sports bra is highly recommended.


  • Pain is considered moderate.


  • The breast is lifted, as is the areola, and the mammary volume preserved. The diameter of the areola is reduced.