The Breasts

Breasts have a tremendous symbolic value.

In the West, the breast is representative of femininity in a broad sense and yet, for the individual it provides feminine status. That status can be gained with a more attractive bust.

What are the challenges of cosmetic surgery ? To offer natural, balanced and supple breasts through a service that ensures quality of result in the short and long term, and above all ensures the safety of the patient.

Chirurgie esthétique

All the techniques used must respect the primary function of the breast, which is breast-feeding of babies.

Sensitivity is a function of the size of the breast. Its corollary, sensuality, depends on the degree to which we look after our bodies.

A bust that sits well in the overall body silhouette gives us the ability to improve our self-confidence and the image we have of ourselves. It is a true reconstruction of our identity. *

* « Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique. Une chirurgie nommée DESIRS »

by Odile Jacob.

Current state of the art

Your needs

Small breasts

The small breast complex!

Two personal cases, taken from the book Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique*.

The DESIRS method

The experience of Suzanne – 38 years old

Defect and what she sought : Correction of a too-small bust which was slightly drooping. Loss of firmness after two pregnancies.

Emotion : ‘Looking at photos from fifteen years ago, I realized my problem. My breasts had changed and as far as I was concerned it was the result of my two pregnancies and diets. True, for a number of years I had worn wonder bras, which had improved my shape. And yet somehow my bust bothered me: I saw it was missing when I was naked.’

The case of Carole, 28 years old

Defect and what she sought : Increase in breast size by prosthesis.

Emotion : ‘Since adolescence, my breasts had always seemed too small to me. Once the first shape had been established I began to push them forward with push up bras, padded bras and by using every trick imaginable and unimaginable. That enabled me to feel better, more feminine. Yet when I was undressed, something was missing.’

What are the possibilities offered by cosmetic surgery ?

  • Hyaluronicacid : For safety reasons, related to breast cancer, this technique is banned in France..

Sagging breasts or Mammary ptosis

Mammary ptosis is slackening and sagging of the mammary gland and the skin. The areola is often wider, and the cleavage less shapely.

Depending on the volume of the existing breast, and on the volume sought, a personal treatment plan is devised.


  • Weight loss
  • After pregnancy
  • After effects of breast feeding

What techniques are used ?

Heavy breasts

Whether full or discreet, the bust can be a source of malaise.

Heavy breasts, or mammary hypertrophy, affect adult and adolescent women, the latter being forced too rapidly into the adult world.

They are often associated with some degree of mammary ptosis. They induce both functional and aesthetic difficulties.

What techniques are used ?

Retracted nipples

Inversion or retraction of the nipples can prevent their erection.


  • Undersized galactophorous channels.


  • Breast-feeding and loss of sensation in the breast
  • Treatment involves surgery to cure the invagination.